The Super 8 editing project

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The Super 8 editing project
Because of my analog photography hobby I love to explore flea markets in order to find old cameras and films and sometimes I step upon some old Super 8 films people want to get rid of.
Since my job is to create motion design and edit videos, I thought I could make a little personal project with those Super 8 films.

One day I found this device which is made for super 8 editing : 
Goko G-1001 Super-8 Editor
I also bought an old super 8 projector, but broke it at the first use (the bulb exploded and made a lot of white smoke in my apartment...). So I put this personal project aside for a while...

Downshoot camera rig
I recently built a downshoot camera rig next to my desk because I wanted to make some stopmotion videos and time-lapses of my lettering practice.
The rig is quite simple but it works !
Six years later...
I had this project idea for a long time in my mind, and never took the time to do it.
Now that I have my camera rig, the super 8 editor device and the motivation, I can start the project !
This page will be updated to show you the evolution of the project so stay tuned and come back soon !
Update : Tuesday, January 10th
Here are my first results :
As you can see, and after some tests and failures with the Goko device, the frame is not aligned.
We can see the little sprockets on the film, and the picture is not exactly in front of the goko lens.
The difficult part is that when I try to move the film in order to see the next frame, everything is moving and it becomes extremely difficult to select the exact next frame of the film.
Not to mention that the visual quality of the result is not good enough for me.
We can see the fresnel screen, creating a moiré pattern, the focus of the Goko device is random...
Scan it !
I decided to try to digitalise the films with my film scanner, the "Canon 9900f" which I use for my film photography.
This way I hope to obtain a better quality.
I will then have to align each frame of the film, but I'm sure I will find an automated system to do it (I love to automate things with photoshop!)
To be continued !

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