Motion Design
I am a Motion Designer with over a decade of experience. I am always eager to learn new techniques and improve my skills. My work covers a wide range of fields, from corporate to artistic.
As a trained musician, I am particularly attentive to the synchronization of sound and video in my projects.
I specialize in creating animations, opening titles, and motion design projects that move and inspire audiences.
I am known for my productivity and positive attitude when working with clients and design teams.

Title Design
In addition to Motion Design, I also have experience in Title Design. I have worked on opening titles for several design festivals in Europe (Bump Festival 2017, Pixels Festival 2016, Reasons to be Creative 2015) as well as video bumpers (Offf Festival 2012, Kikk Festival 2012). I am always looking for new challenges in this field.
When watching a movie or a TV show, I pay close attention to the title sequence, as it can often provide insight into the story and themes of the film.
In my opinion, one key difference between Motion Design and Title Design is their respective relationships to emotions. A good Title Design must reflect the spirit and intent of the film's director.

Interactive Motion Design
Since 2018, I have been using TouchDesigner to create interactive installations, mostly for the museum world.
You can watch some of my personal experiments in this field trough my “Interactive Experiments” page.

In my free time, I enjoy engaging in creative pursuits such as shooting films with old cameras (check my flickr page), drawing lettering, sketching, and doing print serigraphy. 
The best thing to do, would be to follow me on Instagram in order to see my day-to-day creative life.
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