At the beginning of 2016, I wanted to learn lettering so I started my morning routine.

I bought a nice brush pen and started to train myself every morning. I woke up around 5:45 am and worked on my lettering skills.

At first it was difficult and every words I was writing were not good.
But eventually, after some days, my technique got better and I was starting to know how the brush pen would react.

I'm sure there was a lot of tutorials online on how to write letters but i didn't want to follow them because I wanted to have my own style. I took this decision because I started to see a style emerging on instagram and every lettering pieces I could find were looking the same. It was almost like if people were copying an existing font.
Back to childhood...
So my way of doing it was to basically apply what I learned in school when I was learning how to write my first letters. And it felt exactly as if I was learning all over again!

I'm sure you also had this moment in your childhood where you thought you could write, but in fact you were only drawingletters... Not knowing what you were writing...

I had this feeling back! At some time I was drawing, letters after letters, without knowing the word I was forming.
And I think it was the second step of my learning quest.
Now that I knew how to draw letters, I had to work on the global shape of each word. Thinking about spaces, size, and the movements.
Right now I'm considering lettering as a mix between drawing, choregraphy, rythm, and obviously design. Each lettered word receive its own character, emotion, personality...

And that's what I love about it.
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