This interactive diffusion-reaction experiment utilizes a Leapmotion device to transform a standard screen or video projection into an interactive touch screen.
Users can engage in a unique and immersive experience by directly interacting with the screen using their fingers.

The Power of User Interaction
With the ability to draw and erase, users have complete control over the experiment. They can create intricate designs and witness the captivating transformation of their artwork through the reaction-diffusion simulation.

Mimicking Organic Growth
The simulation in 'Growing Cells' mimics the growth of living organisms.
As users draw on the screen, the simulation automatically fills the display with an organic pattern, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of the experiment.

Endless Exploration
By allowing users to draw and erase, 'Growing Cells' offers endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. Each interaction with the simulation results in a unique pattern, enabling users to create captivating and one-of-a-kind designs every time.

A Captivating Interactive Experience
The combination of user interaction, reaction-diffusion simulation, and organic growth patterns makes 'Growing Cells' a truly captivating interactive experience.

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