Step into the fascinating world of "Klimt Within You," an interactive installation commissioned by D-mines, the Dirty Monitor production company, for their mesmerizing immersive show "Klimt Falling in Gold" presented at the Wonderful Wonders Art Center (WWAC) in Shanghai.
This project aimed to immerse visitors in the iconic style of Gustav Klimt through an innovative blend of art and technology.
The Interactive Experience
As visitors enter the space, they are welcomed by a mesmerizing installation that sparks their imagination. 
Imagine the excitement as they step into a world where AI transforms their portraits into mesmerizing artworks inspired by the legendary Gustav Klimt.

Embracing Klimt's Aesthetic
The distinct patterns, intricate details, and symbolic motifs that define Klimt's work are masterfully incorporated, ensuring that each resulting artwork is a heartfelt homage to the Austrian painter's extraordinary style.

An Intuitive Interface
The installation's user-friendly interface focuses on the visitor's artistic experience. Thanks to fluid interactions and a carefully designed user path, "Klimt within you" allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the interactive experience.

Robustness and Endurance
"Klimt within you" proved to be a robust and reliable installation, generating an impressive number of Klimt-inspired portraits, on some days reaching over 900 images. Its lasting stability has enabled visitors to enjoy it for four months. Proof therefore that this installation can handle a large number of visitors and provide a smooth, enjoyable experience for all.
A Versatile Experience
"Klimt Within You" is not limited to Klimt's style alone. Its versatility allows it to adapt to any artist, art style, or visual genre, making it the perfect addition to your upcoming exhibition. By incorporating this interactive installation, you can offer your visitors a unique and unforgettable artistic adventure, while showcasing the convergence of art and technology in a truly captivating way.

Personal Note
Working on this project has been a journey of discovery and learning. It allowed me to delve into the work, history, and life of Klimt, gaining a deeper appreciation for his artistry.
Beyond that, what made this project truly significant for me was the chance to create positive emotions and joy for people on the other side of the world. It has been a heartwarming experience to touch lives with art and technology, bridging distances through shared emotions.

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