Mixing Faces in Real-Time
The installation allowed visitors to mix their faces together using a live video collage system. Visitors would stand in front of the camera display and watch as their portrait was combined with others in real time. They could see themselves transform into a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of facial features.

Discovering Unique Collage Portraits
After playing with the real-time mixing, visitors had the chance to find their unique collage portraits on the installation's website. Each mixed portrait was uploaded for people to view later on. Many visitors enjoyed seeing the crazy combinations their faces were arranged in. Some even ended up making the portraits their profile pictures on social media.

A Playful and Engaging Art Experience
The "Mixed Up Portraits" installation was a hit at the exhibition. It brought an element of playfulness and discovery to the exposition. Being able to see themselves remixed live and then find the portraits online later was engaging for visitors.
The interactive collaging gave people a new way to see their own faces and identities.

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