Exploring Generative Art
The purpose of this project was to explore the possibilities that generative art offers for creating multiple variations of a single logo. In this case, the design process itself becomes a system.

Understanding Design Systems
A design system, in the context of logo design, refers to a set of rules, guidelines, and components that define the visual identity of a brand or project. It establishes a consistent and cohesive approach to design, ensuring that all variations of the logo maintain a unified look and feel.

Infinite VariationS
By developing a generative logo creator, I aimed to create a design system that could generate an infinite number of logo variations while adhering to predefined design principles. The system takes into account factors such as shape, color, typography, and layout, allowing for dynamic and diverse logo outputs.
Embracing Creativity and Efficiency
This approach not only saves time and effort in manually creating each variation but also opens up new creative possibilities by embracing the element of randomness and adaptability.
In essence, the design system in this project serves as a framework that empowers the logo creator to produce a wide range of visually compelling and cohesive logo designs, while still maintaining the essence and brand identity of the project.

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