This prototype of an interactive art installation brings together the realms of human creativity and AI technology.
Participants are given the opportunity to engage in a hands-on experience by creating a composition using a collection of colorful paper shapes.

Personalized Artistic Expression
Once participants have created their graphic composition, they are presented with a list of visual styles to choose from. These styles serve as inspiration for the AI, which then generates a final image that incorporates the participants' personal touch and artistic choices. This unique blend of human creativity and AI algorithms results in a truly personalized and captivating artwork.

A Glimpse into the Future of Art
This prototype of an interactive art installation offers a glimpse into the future of art, where the boundaries between human and machine are blurred. It showcases the potential of AI technology to enhance and augment human creativity, creating something truly remarkable.
By combining the unique perspectives and artistic choices of individuals with the computational power of AI, this installation opens up new possibilities for artistic expression and challenges traditional notions of what art can be.

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